Markham Synchronized Swimming Club is thrilled to announce our results from the Central North Regional Championships on March 3-5, 2017 at Toronto PanAm Sports Centre.  There were 11 synchronized swimming clubs from our region participating in this qualifying competition with over 244 athletes.  We had many swimmers achieve personal bests in both figures and routines.  This was also the first time some of our swimmers swam solo &/or duet in competition and all saw the podium!

“Top 20” Figures Results:


Kennedy Chen – 4th
Sabine Keon – 5th


Deirdra MacTavish – 9th
Dayna Seppanen – 11th


Sevoya Riddle – 9th
Maia DeKort – 11th
Jamie Maclennan - 14th
Gaia Martin Del Fresno – 19th
Kelsi Seppanen – 20th


Viviana Santa – 6th
Regan Smith – 14th
Amparo Abascal Vedoya – 17th

Provincial Team Results:

10&U Team:  9th place

Swimmers:  Olivia DeLoreto, Annie Gerson, Jade Guo, Mia Stokes
Coach:  Monique Payne

11-12 Team:  Bronze medalist

Swimmers: Kennedy Chen, Jaden Chiang, Emma Diloreto, Sabine Keon, Annika Jiang, Deirdra MacTavish, Sofia Palazhchenko, Dayna Seppanen
Coach:  Amanda Jackson

14-yr old Team:  6th place

Swimmers:  Samantha Aylin, Sofia Castillo, Analisa Nguyen, Tessa Santilly, Trinity-Jade Tanuan, Alexandria Teng, Emily Xu
Coaches: Candelaria Abascal Vedoya & Briar Alderdice

15-yr old Team:  Silver medalist

Swimmers:  Amparo Abascal Yedoya, Maia DeKort, Jamie Maclennan, Gaia Martin Del Fresno, Viviana Santa, Kelsi Seppanen, Regan Smith, Sevoya Riddle, Molly Yu
Coach:  Heather Beveridge

11-12 Solo:

Deirdra MacTavish – Gold Medalist
Coach:  Heather Beveridge

Dayna Seppanen – Silver Medalist
Coach:  Monique Payne

13-15 Duet:  Silver medalist

Alexandria Teng & Emily Xu
Coach:  Monique Payne

13-15 Solo:

Maia DeKort – Silver Medalist
Coach:  Heather Beveridge

16-20 Solo:

Viviana Santa – Bronze Medalist
Coach:  Heather Beveridge

Regan Smith – 6th place
Coach:  Heather Beveridge

Markham Synchro is proud of all of our provincial teams that competed and would like to share this sport with all children ages 5 – 12 in our community!  We are hosting a FREE Try Synchro session!  Please come to Centennial Pool on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm and see how much fun you could have trying synchronized swimming!