Welcome to the 2022-2023 season!  We are very excited to welcome our new swimmers to MASC, and are thrilled to see so many familiar faces in the pool.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to a new registration system – we will be integrating Ontario Artistic Swimming’s (OAS) new online platform, H2OReg.

Each swimmer is now required to register themselves online through H2OReg. During the registration process you will be asked to pay the OAS and Canada Artistic Swimming (CAS) fees directly.  Previously these fees were paid for by the Club and were part of the Club’s membership fees ($21.50 total).

Please follow the instructions outlined below to register your swimmer(s):

1. Go to: https://h2oreg.com/#!/memberships/ontario-artistic-swimming-2022-2023.

  • Click on “Purchase your 2022/2023 Ontario Artistic Swimming Membership”
  • Click on “Create an account” and complete the steps to create an account
  • After your account has been created, click on the “Find” tab at the top right, scroll down to “Licenses & Memberships and click on this highlighted area
  • Click on “Ontario Artistic Swimming 2022/2023”
  • Click on the blue “Purchase your 2022/2023 Ontario Artistic Swimming Membership” box once more
  • Complete the questions related to your swimmer and click on the “Register” button
  • Complete the address information
  • Under “Athlete Memberships”, select “Recreational” and click “next”
  • Under “Recreational”, select “Aquago” 
  • Under “Recreational” and “Affiliation Name”, select “Markham Artistic Swimming Club”, then click next
  • There will be a series of personal and medical information to complete
  • You do not have to enter anything in the “NCCP #” field
  • Follow the instructions until you see “Complete and Proceed to Cart” where you will be asked to pay for your registration fees 
  • This is a one-time process for the season, therefore if you are returning for our next Recreation session, the $21.50 registration fee is waived until next season resets (Sept. 2023)

2.  Once you have completed the above OAS registration, you must register your swimmer with Markham Artistic Swimming Club using the form here:  https://forms.gle/rdnkC9JpjusH1X7c7

3.  You must also complete a Covid form for the City of Markham - click here to open the PDF. Please send your completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4. Once you have: 1) registered on H20Reg for OAS/CAS, 2) completed the Google form for MASC and 3) completed and returned the Covid form, please e-transfer your fee payment of $125 per swimmer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Please remember to specify the name of your swimmer + “Rec Swimmer” within your e-transfer